Dehumidifiers by SANTA-FE
Warm Weather means Humidity Rises in Your Home

Carolina Heating is proud to offer our customers superior dehhumidifiers from SANTA-FE Dehumidifiers. Let’s look at the benefits of the Ultra Aire and Santa FE dehumidifiers. REDUCING HEALTH RISK BY MAXIMIZING HEALTHY AIR Santa Fe and Ultra Aire by Santa Fe dehumidifiers boast superior filtration that’s scientifically proven to eliminate dust mites, mold and other […]

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It’s about more than keeping you cool – Southern Comfort

As temperatures rise so does the complaint that it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.  A variation of this holds true inside the home, and that’s why comfort during Carolina summers is about more than keeping your cool.  Indoor humidity—the amount of water vapor in the air—affects not only how comfortable you feel but also […]

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