Heating Cost Winter 2014

Haven’t seen your heating bill yet, be prepared for an unpleasant surprise. We are seeing a much colder winter this January and February needing nearly double the heating compared to last year.  We found detailed information at www.weatherdatadepot.com, a website publishing weather data over time. And the prices for heating, natural gas and propane (LPG) […]

Equipment of the Month for August 2012 – The Carrier Infinity Heat Pumps with Greenspeed

In May we started the blog series ‘Equipment of the Month’ and today we will be introducing the Carrier Infinity Series of heat pumps with GreenspeedTM Intelligence. This line of product has become a major contender in our installations, new or replacements, due to some pretty advanced features. Before we look at these advanced features […]

How heat pumps work for geothermal heating and cooling?

In our blog post ‘About Geothermal Heating and Air’ in May we explained the three major components of a Geothermal System: The earth loop which warms water in heating mode and cools down in cooling mode, the air duct system in the house to blow warm or cool air into the house and the unit […]