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Residential Generators

At Carolina Generators we focus on 5 lines of generators for residential and light commercial application

The Guardian Series is Generac’s most sold generator and features a wide range of power specs and engines.  Smaller, 8 – 20KW models feature Generac’s purpose designed air-cooled OVHI engines, the bigger 25 – 60KW models listed in the commercial line-up feature automotive style, liquid cooled engines.

  • 10KW, 13KW, 16KW ( Spec Sheet )
  • 20KW, 22KW, 24KW ( Spec Sheet )
  • Generac G-Force 400 (1 Cylinder 460cc), 800 (2 Cylinder, 816cc) and 1000 (2 Cylinder, 1l) engine, air cooled
  • Evolution controller
  • Tool-less fuel conversion
  • All weather Aluminum or steel enclosure (with Rhino coating) depending on model
  • True Power technology
  • Quiet test exercise mode (20KW and up)

The Quiet Power Series is specifically designed for lower noise levels . While many features are the same as in the Guardian models, Quiet Power runs are half the rpm for substantially lower noise and lower fuel consumption .

  • 22KW, 27KW, 36KW and 48KW models ( Spec Sheet )
  • Fuel Source: LP or Natural Gas
  • Nexus Controller
  • Aluminum all-weather enclosure

Generac’s new Protector® Series diesel generators from the commercial line-up are the solution for residential applications when LP or Natural Gas is not available or desired.

  • 15KW, 20KW, 30KW, 48KW, 50KW ( Spec Sheet )
  • 4 Cylinder Inline Diesel Engines 2.3l – 3.4l
  • EVOLUTION™ CONTROLLER – The next generation of intuitive controllers featuring a multilingual, two-line LCD text display with color-coded, backlit buttons.
  • QUIET-TEST™ – Protector Series diesel generator with Quiet-Test, a weekly self-test mode that runs at a lower RPM, is quieter, and consumes less fuel.
  • 5 year limited warranty – We are proud of our innovative product design, high quality and first-class reliability so we stand behind them with a strong 5-year limited warranty.
  • CODE READY – The Protector Series offers compatibility with a variety of environments, with external vent and fill, a UL/CUL 142-listed, double-walled base tank, a UL/CUL 2200-listed generator, and a wide range of code-driven accessories.

The 7.5 kW PowerPact TM Series standby generator is a complete generator and transfer switch system for small residential and light commercial projects, priced more affordable than any other system in the market.

  • 7.5KW Core Power Generator ( Spec Sheet )
  • Generac OHVI engine for LP or Natural Gas
  • Transfer switch included
  • Compact design for a small foot print with all-weather enclosure

It is the reliable choice over portable generators to to power your essential circuits during a power outages.

EcoGen 15KW is designed specifically to interact with off-grid renewable energy applications and is intended for alternative energy system standby power . It’s engineered to integrate into an inverter and battery storage system, providing a cleaner running, low emission solution for recharging battery banks in an off-grid application.

  • 15KW EcoGen Generator ( Spec Sheet )
  • Clean burning propane or natural gas fuel
  • Weather protective aluminum enclosure with beige / Bisque finish.
  • Warranty – 3 year/2000 hour limited warranty when used off-grid in an alternative energy system.
  • Evolution TM Controller features a multilingual LCD display that allows you to monitor battery status and track maintenance intervals to ensure your generator is always in top operating condition.
  • Capable of 240V
  • Two-Wire Start Factory-equipped to easily connect to the inverter control wires so that the inverter can automatically start and stop the generator in order to charge the system batteries as necessary

Carolina Generators services all of the Upstate of South Carolina including Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens, Oconee and Laurens county.

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