Repair or Replace your Comfort System?

Many home and business owners struggle with the problem whether a HVAC comfort system should be repaired or replaced. Is it worth the dollars to invest into an expensive repair again? Would it be better to replace the system now?

Carolina Heating tech repairing outside unitHere are  some parameters leading to the right decision:

Frequent repairs: Systems needing repairs display a clear sign of aging and wear and tear. And it’s a clear sign that the system is reaching its useful end of life. Investing over and over in an aging system is the real question.

High Energy Bills: If you have the uncertain feeling that the energy bill is too high for the comfort level you get, you might be right. Aging systems run at lower efficiency because of wear and tear. And because inefficient systems work longer to get the comfort level desired, the energy bill is inevitably higher. Lower power bills up to 50% have been reported.

System age: If your system is more than 10 years old, chances are that it’s worn to a degree and does not provide the original capacity and efficiency anymore despite proper maintenance. A fact is also that technology has not stopped and that today’s systems are much more efficient. New high efficiency systems run up to 50% more efficient than older systems.

Other factors: Deterioration is also observed in the duct systems, in the house insulation and other factors such as drafts from windows and doors. Therefore measures to mitigate windows and door problems or insulation improvements should to be considered.  Ask our comfort consultants about a whole house analysis.
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