Commercial Planned Maintenance

Coomercial HVAC Maintenance FactsPlanned Maintenance is essential to the proper functioning of not only residential, but especially commercial HVAC equipment.  If preventive maintenance is not performed regularly or if it is done haphazardly, the equipment will require extensive and costly repairs at a later date.  This is not just a case of “pay me now or pay me later.”  It is a case of “pay me now or pay me considerably more, later” and lose reliability in the process.  During these inspections, proper operation of the equipment is checked and verified.  All mechanical equipment is designed to operate within certain limits.  HVAC equipment is no exception, and if not properly maintained, the equipment will exceed its design limitations with the result being equipment failure.

Carolina Heating Service offers a variety of Planned Maintenance Programs customized  to best suit businesses in the Upstate of South Carolina. During the visits our highly trained and certified technicians will replace air filters, replace drive belts (if applicable) clean condenser coils and inspect the relays and contactors, this is just a brief list of what is covered during each visit.  Included with a Preventive Maintenance agreement is a discount on any repairs that should be needed as well as priority during those emergency situations!

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Commercial HVAC MaintenanceAccording to the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA)…

  • 26% of tenants are not satisfied with the building temperature
  • 19% of tenants are not satisfied with building air quality
  • Heating and air conditioning is considered the #1 problem in commercial buildings
  • Productivity would increase 18% if HVAC problems were solved (18% multiplied by office wages, salaries, and benefits makes correcting HVAC problems of paramount importance)

BOMA recommends…

  • Annual maintenance of packaged heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Quarterly filter replacements
  • Rooftop equipment replacement every 15 years (the “useful” life of rooftop equipment according to BOMA)

Here are just a few of the benefits you enjoy with our Planned Maintenance Agreement:

  • Discounts – on the service and repairs of your equipment – including parts and labor.
  • Guaranteed priority service – propriety service given to preventive maintenance customers
  • Peace of mind – preventative maintenance can substantially prolong the life of your equipment – saving you money!
  • Long term savings – by cutting your equipment repair, replacement costs, and reducing energy usage.
  • Significantly reduced utility bills – Clean, well-tuned equipment runs efficiently and to full capacity, lowering your monthly utility bills.