Carolina Comfort Club – New Approach to HVAC Maintenance Plans –

Nobody is happy when their heating or cooling system breaks down, especially because it almost always happens at the worst time-when the weather is hottest or coldest.

Scott introducing the Carolina Comfort PlanRegular maintenance is the best way to prevent breakdowns of your heating and air conditioning systems, as it is for any technical piece of equipment. That’s why tune-ups are the cornerstone of the Carolina Comfort Club.

Tune-ups reduce the likelihood of inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs, and they can extend a lifetime.

Our Comfort Club gives you two options, and both include a tune-up and other benefits.

  • The Comfort Plan provides a tune-up, discounts on repairs and 50% off diagnostic fees. It also guarantees priority service.
  • Our Comfort Plus Plan provides  complete peace of mind.  It gives you everything the Comfort Plan does and picks up the entire cost of most repairs too. Free Repairs!

Whether you select the Comfort Plan or the Comfort Plus Plan, you’ll be secured knowing, that you are protected if any problem arises. You’ll have also the security of knowing that you can count on us to always be available to help you.

Comfort Plan and Comfort PLUS Plan

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