Go green and save money with a programmable thermostat

We already know that go green does not only contribute to a better environment, but it can also save in heating and air conditioning cost.  In September 2012 we introduced Honeywell’s Prestige Thermostat which does not only allow to program comfort (temperature), it also is accessible remotely over the Internet with PCs and mobile devices […]

Repair or Replace a Comfort System?

In today’s blog we want to refresh a list of topics about repairing or replacing failing heating and air conditioning systems. When a comfort system fails – with “fail” ranging from energy inefficiency to mechanical and / or electrical breakdown – you can either repair what’s broken or replace it with something new. Should you […]

Protect your home when storms hit – whole house surge protection

With all the recent thunderstorms going on we thought it’s time to add a little more protection from lightning to all the electrical and electronic equipment. We are talking about surge suppression and specifically whole house surge suppressors. And yes. you can get surge protection now from Carolina Heating with your heating and air or […]

A Stealthy Pickpocket – How inefficiency may be robbing your monthly budget

Would you toss dollar bills out a window? Slip loose change into the HVAC vents or between the walls? Willingly over-pay your utility bill, month after month after month? Of course not, you say! And yet, energy inefficiencies throughout the home – leaky air drafts, inadequate insulation, outdated equipment and appliances – may be robbing […]

Clean HVAC Coils – A Look at HVAC Equipment Efficiency

In last week’s blog we talked about how inefficiencies of a home can pickpocket your heating and cooling budget. Today we will take a look at the inefficiencies of the heat pump and air conditioning equipment itself, and what homeowners can do to keep even older equipment running at highest possible efficiency. Before going to work, […]