Landscaping around your HVAC unit

Carolina Heating Service knows that your outdoor HVAC unit can detract from your beautifully landscaped yard.  Air conditioning units are essential but don’t always look aesthetically pleasing, but fortunately there are several ways of hiding it from view. HVAC landscaping includes using flowers, shrubs, and a variety of materials to mask your unit. In doing so, […]

Crawl Space Moisture Control


Keeping Our Techs Safe; Carolina University Fall Safety Training

Our aim: No Accidents!! Carolina Heating Service continuously trains employees to be safe by following procedures and providing them with hands on learning. This week President Scott Kelly taught a safety class designed to coach employees on the basics of fall safety using lifelines, lanyards, harnesses, roof anchors, ladder systems, and more. All CHS technicians […]

Electrical Inspection – Safety and Periodic Testing

The Importance of Regular Electrical Safety Inspections for Your Upstate Home Having an electrical home inspection done on your property should be a high priority. The electrical system has a hand in nearly every function performed in your house. This means periodic inspection and testing is necessary because all electrical installations deteriorate due to a […]

How To Recognize A Natural Gas Leak

A natural gas leak can impact you, even if you don’t have natural gas service at your home or business. It’s possible for natural gas to migrate into neighboring buildings, including those without natural gas service, so even if you’re not a Piedmont Natural Gas customer, leaks from nearby facilities and/or pipelines could affect you. […]

Keeping your AC working in Summer Heat

Carolina Heating had another chance to contribute in s news story of WYFF4 on 6/16/2015. Our own Aaron Clarke was interviewed for the story of Allyson Powell. . . Did you have maintained your AC unit lately? Give us a call at 800-261-0359 and schedule a summer time check-up.

Getting the most out of your Maintenance Tune Up!

It is that time of year! Time to call up your local HVAC contractor and schedule your Spring maintenance before the hot weather comes. But wait! Be sure to check out what is included in the maintenance fee. Not all companies have the same tune-up service. At Carolina Heating Service, we cover all the bells […]

So Many Benefits of a Home Humidifier

Winter is here, the leaves are gone and humidity levels are low. As families across the Upstate close their windows and turn up their thermostats, winters’ dry air can become even more dry indoors. Indoor humidity levels should ideally remain between 30-50%. Once indoor humidity levels drop below 30% homes and offices will become quite […]

What is NATE and NATE Certification

You have probably seen the logo on our website and were wondering ‘What is that NATE?’. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence and looking carefully at the NATE logo we find “Certifying the Finest in HVACR”, where HVACR stands for Heating. Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.  NATE is the independent organization that certifies HVAC […]

HSPF – What does this Acronym mean?

   What is HSPF? You have probably stumble in this heating and air acronym when charged to select equipment for heating and air conditioning. Let’s get started by quoting from Wikipedia: HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) is a term used in the heating and cooling industry.  HSPF is specifically used to measure the efficiency of […]