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Fall 2021 News

Fall 2021 Newsletter

Our Fall 2021 Newsletter has been released

Our Fall 2021 Newsletter has been mailed out to our subscribers. For the rest of us, we have the PDF here.
Find the following articles:

  • We’re growing – and hiring – by Kyle Penland
  • Be ready for winter
  • Rebates, financing and tax credits
  • Find Your Path to Comfort & Savings
  • Ken’s Corner: Is it normal for my heat pump to smell?
  • …. and more

Read the newsletter in PDF format.

Specials and Incentives

We have posted some exciting specials this season:

  • Tax Incentives for Geothermal Systems

    Federal and State Tax Credits can add up to 51%

Check it all out on our web page for specials and promotions.

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