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Introducing Carolina Comfort LX Series

Carolina Comfort LX Series includes 4 major components needed for heating and air conditioning: Split System Heat Pumps, Split System Air Conditioners,  Gas Furnaces and all combining Package Systems.

All equipment is designed and manufactured to our specification by Johnson Controls in the United States.  Carolina Comfort LX Series equipment is designed to be rugged and dependable, with advanced technology and world-class build quality which allows for an outstanding warranty.

CH16 Split System Modulating Heat Pumps

Models range fro 2 to 5 Tons with an efficiency of uo to 17.5 SEER and up to 10 HSPF.
Features include :

  • Inverter-driven modulating technology adjusts capacity from 50–100%, for greater comfort and enhanced efficiency.
  • Standard ECM or variable-speed blower choices are available for greater system customization.
  • Adjustable heat pump modes allow “normal” or “hot” air temperatures to better meet specific comfort needs.
  • Conventional thermostat compatibility allows use with our advanced Hx™ Touch-screen Thermostat to monitor and control system settings using a smart device from anywhere in the world with internet access.
  • read more in our brochure (pdf)

Split System Air Conditioners

Model range from 1.5 – 5 Tons with an efficiency of 13 – 17 SEER

Features include:

  • Save up to 41 cents per dollar and potentially qualify for utility rebates with our enhanced-efficiency 16 and 17 SEER systems versus older, 10 SEER units.
  • Reliable operation with robust compressor technology proven in our extreme, accelerated test facility.
  • Long-lasting, powder-coat paint provides a durable, automotive quality finish  even after years of outdoor exposure.
  • Durable steel extruded louver coil guards provide protection against coil damage.
  • Quiet, direct-drive fan design minimizes vibration and sound.
  • Coil options with effective airflow and heat transfer.
  • Compact cabinet puts advanced performance in less space
  • read more in our brochure (pdf)

LX Series Gas Furnaces

80% AFUE and up to 97% AFUE Models

  • Two-stage burner to save fuel. Two-stage gas furnaces can shift their level of performance to track temperatures more accurately and provide greater comfort.
  • Reliable aluminized heat exchanger. Advanced, tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger allows for high heat  transfer and outstanding efficiency
  • Safe, hot-surface ignition and 100% shutoff valve. This technology saves on fuel costs while increasing dependability and reliability.
  • Reliable, effective blower. Models with ECM fan motors improve system performance and reduce electricity use. Our models with variable-speed ECM motors include EcoTrak™ technology that can be fine-tuned to specific climate needs.
  • read more in our brochure (pdf)

LX Series Residential Package Equipment

All in one package: AC, furnace and the blower

  • For all-electric homes: Heat pumps and electric heating/electric cooling models provide comfort no matter the season.
  • For natural gas homes: Take advantage of low-cost fuels with gas heating/electric cooling models.
  • Reliable performance: At the heart of each LX Series packaged unit is an advanced compressor for efficient operation season after season.
  • read more in our brochure (pdf)

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