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What is Greenspeed™ Technology from Carrier

Carrier Greenspeed - logo

Carrier Greenspeed - logoWe take a look the most used buzzwords at Carrier, the Greenspeed™ Technology.

Greenspeed™ Technology is the accumulation of what’s known to make heating and air conditioning as comfortable and as cost effective as possible.  The technology takes into account as much information as possible to correcty and efficient run the equipment.

Information for Geenspeed™ includes:Carrier Heat Pump with Greenspeed Technology

  • Set temperature / Thermostat settings
  • Actual room temperature
  • Outside temperature
  • Indoor and outside humidity , if applicable

Equipment needed for Greenspeed™ Technology:

  • Air Conditioning unit or Heat Pump with variable speed compressor
  • Furnace with modulating gas valve for adjustable heat output
  • Air handler with variable speed
  • Carrier Infinity® equipment with suffix ‘Greenspeed™ Intelligence’ meets these requirements

What can Greenspeed™ accomplish:

  • Highest comfort levels during heating and cooling
  • Minimal temperature swing
  • Low humidity
  • Quiet, near silent operation
  • Top efficience
    AC or Heat Pump: up to 20.5 SEER Cooling, up to 13.0 HSPF Heating
    Furnace: Up to 98.5% AFUE
  • Lowest possible operating costs

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