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Smart Home Control starts with your Thermostat

Smart enabled thermostat

Nexia 824 Smart ThermostatYes, you read correctly. Your thermostat can be the first step into controlling your home as long as it is the Trane XL 824, the American Standard Gold 824 or similar thermostat. We know and have installed pretty smart thermostats for quite a while. These thermostats control you heat or AC in the house, can run on a schedule for day/night or away conditions. But these were not controllable from far away. The newest generation accomplishes that by integrating a smart home controller which itself is connected to the Internet. And through the Internet your smart phone or any tablet or PC is now able to communicate with the thermostat.

The system we are talking about, is the Nexia Home Automation System. It is built around a Internet connected controller and allows for communication with smart devices like thermostats. The system controller from Nexia is called the Nexia Bridge and connects to the Internet using the router and the Internet connection you already have. Internally the controller communicates with devices wirelessly using the Z-Wave protocol.

Schalge Smart LockNow, what makes the aforementioned thermostats so special? These thermostats already include the Nexia Bridge and therefore build the core of your home control system.

Here a list of devices and functions which can be controlled by the Nexia system:

  • Thermostats
  • Light bulbs, light switches, power strips and power outletsNexia Compatible Surveillance Camera
  • Door lock systems and garage door openers
  • Security equipment like surveillance camera, door bells, motion sensors, glass break sensors, water and water leak sensors
  • and many more devices and functions including washers, dryers, vacuum cleaners and I even found a mouse trap which notifies the owner of a catch. Only your imagination seems to be the limit.

So, how does all that work for the user?
The Nexia Bridge is the center point in your house and communicates with the smart devices. The Nexia Briddge is connected to a Nexia Server to provide and receive information and control orders. We, the users and home owners, have accounts on the Nexia server where we can log in using a PC, table or smart phone, and control everything connected at our house.

So in summary, when your thermostat, new installation or replacement, is a 824 from Trane or American Standard or any of their available siblings, you already have a smart home control and have completed the first steps towards complete control of your house, from anywhere where you have access to the Internet.

Ask our technical sales for more information the smart thermostats and home control devices, or check out the Smart Home Automation System on the Nexia website.

Watch the Nexia Smart Home Control Video clip, curtesy of Nexia

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