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Landscaping around your HVAC unit

Carolina Heating Service knows that your outdoor HVAC unit can detract from your beautifully landscaped yard.  Air conditioning units are essential but don’t always look aesthetically pleasing, but fortunately there are several ways of hiding it from view. HVAC landscaping includes using flowers, shrubs, and a variety of materials to mask your unit. In doing so, you must keep in mind that when hiding your outdoor unit make sure the equipment has adequate clearance around and above to operate at peak efficiency. Manufacturers generally agree that plants should not be closer than 18 inches from your outdoor unit. We recommend leaving at least 2 feet clearance around the equipment and at least five feet above it. Covering the top of the unit actually lowers efficiency and heats up the space around it. Air conditioners need intake and exhaust air to operate efficiently. If air cannot circulate, the unit could build up heat and require service. Not only does this distance maintain good air flow it also leaves the needed space for a service technician to easily access the unit.

 We have browsed the web and put together some nice design ideas that help disguise your unit as well as maintain the adequate clearance needed. Here are a few of the creative ideas we have found.

  • Fence or Screen – A fence or screen will help block the view of your unit, provide some shade to help it run at a lower temperature resulting in increased efficiency, and could block some of the sound the system makes when running. For those who want to fence in the unit, remember to install a gate, or leave open space, that is at least the same size as the unit or larger in case you need to replace it in the future.
  • Building a natural wall – Using bricks, stone, or any other material, a wall will give you the same benefits as a fence but with a more natural look. Mixing stone and clay or other materials will give you a different more unique look.
  • Another great idea is to turn the area around your A/C  into a mini storage space. Build a fence or wall higher than your A/C unit and use the space to store shovels, hoses, and other gardening supplies.
  • Garden fencing – Garden trellis is a wonderful alternative to fencing for Units that are in tighter spaces. Place this type of fencing around on two sides of the unit to allow for access. This framework will help keep debris and leaves out of you compressor. Fencing also makes a nice backdrop for potted plants and flowers during the warmer seasons.
  • Plants / Shrubs – Planting is always a wonderful way to make the area around your equipment beautiful. For year round coverage look for evergreens that will hide your unit all year. Be sure to know how much room for growth younger plants need to avoid crowding your system. Also, be sure you are choosing hearty plants and shrubs that can withstand the warm air that is constantly blowing from your unit.

No matter how you decide to disguise your A/C unit make sure you leave room in case it needs service. Your air conditioner is a critical part of your home, Carolina Heating knows masking it with tasteful design can add to your home’s curb appeal!

Examples Below!

Over grown vegetation harmful to your HVAC Equipment

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Outdoor landscaping ideas healthy to your HVAC Equipment








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