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Outstanding Service – A Customer Feedback

Our customer Mikel Z left us some great feedback about service received on 6/30/2016.

Brian (your service tech) exceeded all expectations. I originally just needed preventative maintenance for my units, so I joined the comfort club! By the time my scheduled appointment came around one of my units just quit working. Brian was able to get everything back up and running and took the time to make sure that both units were dialed in just right to operate at peak cooling abilities. (One unit was low on R22) He was professional at the same time realistic it was like watching me working on a home project, He worked diligently and cared for my A/C units as if they were his own! After all was said and done your office approved a 10 percent off discount (even though it was an expired coupon) your service is in a class of its own! Thank-you Carolina Heating!

Thanks Mikel Z for the feedback!

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