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Well the trifecta of failure problems finally happened.  Loss of power, out of town, and a rainstorm !!!! Note below. Heidi and I were out of town on the 3rd of June (my 70th Birthday) When we arrived home that evening we had a phone call from DUKE ENERGY stating that our power would be shut off during the day of June 3rd for several hours. As it turned out it was shut off for a little over an hour, during which we got almost 1’’ of rain. This being said that would have meant that within 15 minutes of the power shut off our sump pump would have started to run to clean out the basement trap. Had we not had this wonderful 22KW whole house generator system we would have had about 18’’ of water pumped into our basement, causing several 10’s of thousands of dollars damage to our many collections that are on display in the lower level of our house. As you know from your many visits to our home what that damage would have destroyed. So, it only took 6 months before the perfect storm happened, and we were saved due to our investment of some $12,000 in this generator system that you and your company installed. What a great decision on our part to do this, even though we were ridiculed by several of our friends, neighbors  and one of your installers as having to much money to be able to waste it this way.

One HAPPY CUSTOMER . Feel free to use this endorsement of your service and the Generator MFG. as you so see.

Kindest Regards,

Glenn & Heidi

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