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Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Geothermal

Our Fall 2015 TV Commercial addresses a more and more important topic, carbon emission and what we can do individually to contribute. The buzzword carbon footprint targets exactly how much each individual contributes to carbon emission.  And our heating and cooling needs is one of the biggest contributors. Just think of burning fossil fuels to heat our homes and again burning fuel to create the electricity we need to cool.

This is where the geothermal energy is making a big impact.  Using the earth as source for heating and cooling will result in burning much less fossil fuels to heat and cool.  Yes, there is still some electric energy involved to move the heat from and to the earth. But it’s reduced by up to 80% compared to heating and cooling as we know it today.

Watch our video to hear about our carbon emission, geothermal technology and how a smaller carbon footprint can be accomplished at even lower costs than with traditional heating and cooling.

For more information and an idea how you can make it happen, call our geothermal specialists at 800-261-0359

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