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So Many Benefits of a Home Humidifier

Winter is here, the leaves are gone and humidity levels are low. As families across the Upstate close their windows and turn up their thermostats, winters’ dry air can become even more dry indoors. Indoor humidity levels should ideally remain between 30-50%. Once indoor humidity levels drop below 30% homes and offices will become quite uncomfortable and the lack of humidity can cause serious health problems.

Some common affects of dry air include; Cracked lips, Dry Mouth, Itchy Skin, Cramping Muscles, Nosebleeds, and Elevated Snoring

The best way to combat low humidity levels is to invest in a humidifier. Some of the many benefits of proper humidification include:

  • Reduces damage to wooden furniture
  • Reduces levels of dust
  • Reduces susceptibility to colds
  • Reduces red eyes, dry itchy skins, and chapped lips
  • Reduces static electricity charge
  • Reduces the negative affects on the condition of musical instruments in the home
  • Helps to keep your voice tuned
  • Helps to feel and sleep better

Carolina Heating Service’s Comfort Consultants can find the right humidifier to meet your unique needs.

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