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SCAHACC’s Cool Aid Warm Hearts Program – Collaborating for a Cause!


As a member of the South Carolina Association of Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors we were granted with the opportunity to take part in their Cool Aid Warm Hearts Program. This wonderful program was created to provide caring and reputable HVAC companies an opportunity to serve the underprivileged in the community. On November 25th 2014 we were honored to accept this opportunity and take part in the installation of a NEW FREE HVAC UNIT at the home of Ms. Doris Owens in Seneca, SC. Recognized as a community effort, this project was coordinated by multiple organizations. Home Works of America identified the need and began a relationship with the homeowner. Home Works of America and Cross Point Church teamed up to provide home repairs for the individual in March. After discovering the need for a new HVAC unit and ductwork, Coretta Bedsole with AARP South Carolina and president of Sustaining Our Seniors of SC connected the groups already working at the premises with the SCAHACC who in turn contacted us. A big thank you to all of those who come together in our community and make great things happen. We are grateful to of helped Ms. Owens and to see the incredible smile upon her face!

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