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Geothermal Map

Carolina Geo Heating, the geothermal division of Carolina Heating Service Inc., provides expert services in the field of geothermal or ground source heating and air conditioning for residential and commercial customers.

GeoPro Master Dealer Carolina Heating Greenville SCCarolina Geo Heating has installed over 100 geothermal systems for residential and commercial customers over the years. As shown on the map below, our service area is the Upstate of South Carolina including but not limited to the counties of Greenville, Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, Union, Greenwood, Cherokee, and Spartanburg.


Geothermal Systems in the Upstate

What is Geothermal all about?

  • Geothermal systems, specifically heating and air conditioning systems use the free thermal energy available in the earth as resource to heat and cool.
  • Since no fuels are burned to heat, these systems save their owners quite some money.
  • And last and even more important in the future, geothermal systems are environmentally friendly, reduce and virtually eliminate air pollution and contribute greatly to the reduction of carbon emission.

    energy usage diagram for geothermal heating and air conditioning systemsClick Here to Learn More

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