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2014 Spring Southern Home and Garden Show

After a break in attending the Southern Home and Garden Show Carolina Heating was once again present at the Spring Southern Home and Garden Show in March 2014. The expo equipment we had been using for a few years now was the success story as we received again the “Best in Show Award” from the organizers.

Booth at the 2014 Spring Home and Garden ShowDuring the show we focused on the following:

Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning:
On display was WaterFurnace equipment and our manufacturer representative helped us to answer all the interesting questions asked by our visitors.

Split Heating and Air Systems:
The mini split system from Mitsubishi caught lots of attention due to small foot print and ease of installation, what makes it ideal for retrofitting and upgrading of small and older projects.

Emergency Power Generators:
For several shows on display was of special interest this year due to the harsh winter with lots of power outages and due to predictions of climate and industry experts.
We had a stationary automatic standby generator on display accompanied by its portable counterpart and by a simple manual Transfer Switch. The simplicity of the show model allowed our visitors a hands-on experience when switching from utility to emergency power.

Missed the show or have questions? Contact our specialists at 800-261-0359.

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