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Heating Cost Winter 2014

Geothermal diagram winter heating mode

Haven’t seen your heating bill yet, be prepared for an unpleasant surprise. We are seeing a much colder winter this January and February needing nearly double the heating compared to last year.  We found detailed information at, a website publishing weather data over time.

And the prices for heating, natural gas and propane (LPG) add to that equation. From the Piedmont Natural Gas website we learn that gas prices are up by around 6% from December starting January and roughly 8% higher compared to same time last year.  And people buying propane (LPG) for heating need to watch out even more as these prices are much faster changing, daily pricing, than the other sources for heat.

Is there anything you can do short-term or long-term to fight the increasing cost of heating?

Conserving energy come to mind. We could lower the room temperature to an acceptable minimum.  We should also revisit energy saving measures like insulation, windows, chalking, drapery to make sure the heat does not escape unused. More details in our blog from 11/28/2013.

Geothermal diagram winter heating modeAs a long-term strategy a new approach to heating (and cooling) becomes more and more interesting.  It is the geothermal or ground source heat.  These geothermal systems pump up to 80%  of the heat/energy needed to heat a house from the earth while the remaining percents are needed in the form of electric energy to operate the system and to pump and distribute the heat.

Carolina Heating Service has a long history and as a GeoPro Master Dealer (Water Furnace) the experience to make these systems work for you. While this is not so much interesting to replace newer high efficiency systems, it is the alternative for new building projects and when replacing an old system becomes necessary.  For more details see our website at

Call our geo-experts for details, have them provide you a proposal including an estimated amortization compared to standard heating and cooling. And check out our specials and coupons.  As of February this year we feature a rebate of up to $3000  for qualifying equipment and installation.

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