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Staying Warm and Energy Saving for Winter 2013/14

It’s already Thanksgiving again and as usual we have our first cold snap of the season. So it’s time to refresh and talk again about how to stay warm and comfortable, and save some energy.

Here our most successful tips we started a few years ago and even had a TV campaign last Winter:

1: Windows

Replace windows and repair broken glass and glazing

Add/replace weather stripping

Drapery, preferred in multiple layers, adds an extra layer of insulation. However during daytime curtains should be opened to let the sun in for light and heat.

2: Home Insulation

While proper insulation should be standard for new homes, it poses problems for existing and older homes. Relatively easy and feasible are the following:

Add insulation in the attic

Add or repair floor insulation where possible

Insulate and caulk all possible areas where a draft enters: around outlets and light switches, around windows and air ducts.

3. More energy saving tips

Find lots of tips about energy savings in general and about heating and comfort on this Energy Star webpage.

Energy Saving with Energy Star

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