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Equipment of the Month for April 2013: Guardian 20KW Generator

Emergency Power with Standby Generator from Generac

20KW Generac Guardian GeberatorThe votes are in, the Guardian 20KW Generator became equipment of the month and it is our most installed emergency power generator.

Our customers selected this generator as the most suitable for their homes to have hassle free whole house power without interruption and restrictions of power usage during utility outages. Our technicians love this generator, actually the whole Guardian line, for their reliability, ease of installation and maintenance.

What makes such a successful product? Let’s check the product description?

  • Generac’s specifically designed air-cooled OHVI engine running on natural gas or propane
    • – Plateau honed cylinder walls and plasma moly rings
    • – pressurized lubrication
    • – Engine protection with low oil and high temperature shutdown
  • Generator with revolving field for 25% more efficiency compared to a revolving armature generator.
  • Solid state voltage control,  frequency compensated
  • True Power (TM) Technology realizes superior harmonics and sine wave to confidently operate sensitive electronic equipment
  • All that comes in a weather protective and lockable enclosure and with Generac’s proven automatic Transfer Switch.
    Some switch models are pre-wired and color coded for the easiest possible installation.
  • Generac automated transfer switchWhere required 2 additional components can be installed to make the emergency power system an even better  experience:
    • Smart Switch uses Digital Power Management to provide shutdown of non-essential equipment when essential equipment needs all available power.
      In other words Smart Switch allows for smaller, less powerful generators with lower fuel consumption as Smart Switch shuts less important equipment like water heaters during high power demand by important equipment. For example water will not be heated further while the AC is running and will resume heating once the AC is off.
    • Mobile Link (TM) Remote Monitoring allows for generator and system monitoring over the Internet of cell phones. At any time the owner and operator of a generator can check on the status including error / failure messages.

And what’s not written in the Generac documentation is confirmed and experienced by our technicians: Easy, uncomplicated installation and superior maintenance.

We finally need to mention, that despite all the advanced features of the Guardian series, there is a short time of power outage before the engine is at speed and the transfer to emergency power occurs. Therefore uninterruptable power supplies are advised for sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, home theater equipment or some medical devices.
And, whenever power is going on or off, there are good chances for power surges. Surges occur when utility power goes out, the transfer switch brings the generator on line and when the switch-back to utility power occurs.  Surge suppressors are recommended to help prevent damage.  Your might even consider a whole house surge suppressors.

Want to know more about the Guardian Series and why it’s our equipment of the month?

Check out and Call our technicians for a chat about the Guardian features and benefits, and Guardian’s long-term reliability .

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