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Equipment of the Month for August 2012 – The Carrier Infinity Heat Pumps with Greenspeed

In May we started the blog series ‘Equipment of the Month’ and today we will be introducing the Carrier Infinity Series of heat pumps
with GreenspeedTM Intelligence.

Carrier Greenspeed - logoThis line of product has become a major contender in our installations, new or replacements, due to some pretty advanced features.

Before we look at these advanced features let’s quote a paragraph from the Carrier website:

“The latest innovation from Carrier is Greenspeed™ intelligence – an absolute breakthrough in high-efficiency home comfort solutions.
Adaptable-speed technology Infinity® intelligence.
Greenspeed intelligence maximizes the performance of adaptable-speed technology, whether in the form of modulating valves or variable-speed compressors.
The key to unlocking the full potential of adaptable-speed technology is our exclusive Infinity control. The control uses all the information it knows about your comfort choices, your home’s energy use, the system as a whole and even the temperature outdoors to communicate with the system. So new Infinity systems with Greenspeed intelligence continually respond to the Infinity control’s commands to adjust with great precision to the comfort needs of the home.”

What are these features to talk about a ‘Breakthrough in high efficiency home comfort’:

1. High Efficiency Heat Pump with Greenspeed variable speed control

  • Up to 20 SEER, up to 13 HSPF, superior humidity and temperature control
    with matching indoor components
  • Scroll compressor with variable speed operation
  • As low as 58 dB, Full Silencer System II™ for quiet operation
  • WeatherArmor™ System for ultimate protection

2. Indoor Fan Coil Infinity Series – Advanced coil combined with variable speed fan and Infinity Control

3. Infinity Control – Simply our best thermostat. Infinity Control taps the power of the Infinity System for unmatched access to every type of environmental control including remote programming option.

In summary, the variable speed for compressor and fan, outdoor and indoor unit with built-in intelligence and GreenspeedTM Control make the breakthrough in efficiency and cost savings. All that is topped by a 10 year part warranty (if registered).

Want to learn more about the Carrier GreenspeedTM and how it compares to the Trane XL 20i we introduced earlier?  Call our sales and product specialists at 864-232-5684

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