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Protect your home when storms hit – whole house surge protection

With all the recent thunderstorms going on we thought it’s time to add a little more protection from lightning to all the electrical and electronic equipment.
We are talking about surge suppression and specifically whole house surge suppressors.

And yes. you can get surge protection now from Carolina Heating with your heating and air or generator installations, or as retrofit.

Whole House Surge Protection from IntermaticAs you know, lightning bolts bursting from the sky are a common sight here in South Carolina, not just recently.  On average, we have about 50 electrical storms every year.  Lightning strikes are the most common causes for damaging electric surges.  If lightning enters a home through power lines, it can rip through electric wires and equipment, causing severe damage — and sometimes fire.

Obviously, it’s important to use as many safeguards as possible, for both your family and your property.  We have a way to help. We can install an Intermatic whole-house surge protector.  This works on the same principle as the surge protector power strip you probably use now for your computer.  A whole-house surge protector, however, protects all of your appliances and electronics from damage.

Besides lightning, electric surges can also be caused by downed phone or power lines.  Sometimes a surge occurs when you turn a large appliance on or off.  If you would like more information about a whole-house surge protector, please call, email.

Intermatic whole-house surge protectors feature multi-year product warranty as well as  Connected Equipment Warranty for your appliances and electronics.  Product warranty and connected equipment warranty depend on model.

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