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A Stealthy Pickpocket – How inefficiency may be robbing your monthly budget

Would you toss dollar bills out a window? Slip loose change into the HVAC vents or between the walls? Willingly over-pay your utility bill, month after month after month?

Of course not, you say! And yet, energy inefficiencies throughout the home – leaky air drafts, inadequate insulation, outdated equipment and appliances – may be robbing your budget as surely as if you simply threw the money aside yourself.

Energy inefficiency is a stealthy pickpocket, but you can stop this thief. What’s needed is a home energy audit – a thorough assessment of necessary as well as unwitting consumption – all in an effort to capture the significant savings potential of reduced waste. Fixing efficiency problems generally pays for itself over time; what’s more, you’ll enjoy higher comfort levels along with a lower utility bill.

You can conduct a very simple audit yourself or, for a more thorough assessment, call in a professional with access to technical equipment (calibrated blower doors and infrared cameras, for example) to better detect sources of energy loss and the expertise to properly inspect mechanical systems.

Ad bubble for Home Energy AuditCommon – and costly – inefficiencies include:

  • Drafts. Air leaks can increase utility bills by up to 30% while simultaneously decreasing comfort. Drafts often occur through gaps along the baseboard and/ or ceilings as well as electrical outlets, switch plates, fireplace dampers and attic hatches. Windows and doors – especially older ones – are common drafty culprits.
  • Insufficient insulation. Less-than ideal insulation in walls and ceilings incurs constant energy loss. Visual inspection of the attic and basement – checking for adequate insulation, vapor barriers and weather-stripping – is fairly simple, but accurately assessing insulation within the walls requires t h e r m o g r a p h i c technology.
  • Outdated heating & cooling equipment. HVAC is the biggest energy expense in most of our homes. Replacing heat pumps and air conditioners more than 10 years old with a new Energy Star-rated comfort system can save up to 40% on heating/ cooling costs.

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